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Affiliated to: RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur

  • About Institute

    GHRLAW, Nagpur
    “Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found against the wrong.”- T. Roosevelt

    This is absolutely profound and apt for the law students. The pathway of the same is the power of knowledge, the charm of wisdom and the value of courage, which we instill in our law students.

    Undoubtedly, The G H Raisoni Law College, Nagpur has emerged as one of the most promising and acclaimed educational center in the Central India. The institute is recognized by the Government of Maharashtra. We are also approved by the Bar Council of India and affiliated to the RTM Nagpur University.

    It has made sure to establish a benchmark with its enriching pedagogy. Then, there are the learning centric activities which are executed round the year in the campus. Yet again, the state-of-the-art amenities have made sure to not leave a single aspect unattended in pursuing the epitome of preeminence what we are known for.

    Our attributes which reciprocate excellence includes:-

    • Activities which nourish brilliance- A law College should cater to the need of the present and ever upgrading law system. Thus, round the year activities are pursued at our institute campus to nourish the trait of fineness in the students. The moot court competitions, research activities and guest lectures by the industry experts are a part of the day to day life of the students of the College.
    • Experienced faculty- We have the most experienced faculty for our law students. The professors and lecturers which impart knowledge are well versed in the syllabus. A plethora of tools is employed by them to make learning more fruitful. Their efforts are well portrayed in the exceptional result of our students in the examinations and their placements.
    • Strong alumni club- The institute also has an amazing alumni club. This indicates of the well placed students of the College. It also is instigation to the many opportunities you have with them still being a part of the institute.
    • Well framed curriculum- The curriculum suffices the requisite for in-depth theoretical concepts and practical-driven approach. The practical realities are well nurtured in the students with the aid of cells like Cyber crime cell, Consumer cell, Human rights cell, IPR cell and ADR cell. The socio-legal research has been a valuable addition to our curriculum.
    • Placement cell- Our placement cell lays testament to our comprehensive approach towards nurturing the students. We make sure to provide them with complete assistance. The guidance is provided to the students in order to aid them in facing new challenges. Our expert faculty inspires them and provides a solution to their queries.
    • We do cater to the needs of the finest law College in Central India. But, this is just a sneak peek into the process we follow. We make sure to make our students the legal expert. But, beyond this, our College makes sure to imbibe in the students social, moral and ethical values. The latter is what we believe in as the indispensable requisite for complete law education.

  • About Raisoni Group

    GHRLAW, Nagpur
    “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”- Anthony J. D’Angelo

    Keeping the same in mind, we the Raisoni Group have developed learning platforms for the students and learners to aid in establishing new milestones, successful ventures and flourishing lives.

    We have had a proven record of producing the most educated professionals. And, it is this reason the journey which started with the establishment of a single institute in the year 1998, has never ceased to grow. Our very first educational institute was G H Raisoni College of Engineering in Nagpur. Today, we are the proud owners of 24 institutes including 2 universities, spread across 7 cities including Nagpur, Jalgaon, Pune, Amravati, Ahmadnagar, Raipur, and Chhindwara. Undoubtedly, we are the leading educational network in Central India.

    With over four decades of combined history, the Group has diversified in the fields of Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing, Construction and Healthcare. Presently, the Group’s concentration has been more of the fields of Education which paves the way for success stories and builds a better tomorrow. An innovative approach at every step towards success sets the RGI apart. We chose to provide practically oriented education combined with a strong academic focus, developed specifically to meet industry needs.

    Since the start of the journey, our motto has been ‘the vision beyond’.

    And, it is for the students to comprehend the motto in accordance with their perception. They can associate it with a vision beyond sight in order to accomplish the goals which are far away from their sight. Or, as a vision beyond dreams, enabling them to work with diligence, achieving the limitless sky! Or, even a vision beyond excellence, nurturing in them the power of knowledge. So, come over and start the journey which motivates you at every step, which gives you wings to soar new heights.

    The attributes which we are proud of:-

    • Quality Education- With well-updated courses for our students, we have made sure to establish a benchmark for ourselves. The finest of the courses are preparing students for successful careers in the real world. We make sure to keep our courses up-to-date, reflecting the latest trends owing to our close association with the industry.
    • Plethora of Courses- A plethora of courses are executed at our K-12, undergraduate and post graduate programs. The professional courses such as Management, Engineering, Law, MCA, Polytechnic, Commerce and Science are the best in the industry with us.
    • State-of-the-art Infrastructure- Since we have a variety of streams being taught in our institutes, we make sure to follow the finest standards with excellence. Each and every course we have gives the students preeminence in the learning procedure, the premium tools and the state-of-the-art infrastructure.
    • Well Structured Placement Cell- With a well-structured placement cell and comprehensive assistance availing the finest positions in the real world becomes easy.
    • Campus- Our campuses have been developed specifically to provide students with a challenging and rewarding experience in an optimal learning environment. It includes extensive academic and social support services to assist our students to succeed.
    • Career Focused Curriculum- Our curriculum is so made that it focuses on career-driven strategies. It involves diverse practical and theoretical approach to aid the students to fabricate a sound career.
    • Dedicated Team- The most diligent, knowledgeable and organized team of educators with 1300 members is a part of us. Mingle it with the best-supporting staff of 1400 members and there is no looking back for us.
    • The Guiding Light- 24 institutes, 25,000 students and 800 classrooms has been possible with the guiding light and motivation of the chairman of the group Mr Sunil Raisoni.
    “Think Education, Think Raisoni” is not the motto of our team, it is the most heard sentence of Central India.
  • Vision Mission

    GHRLAW, Nagpur
    Vision And Mission
  • Chairman's Message

    GHRLAW, Nagpur
    “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”-Albert Einstein

    This is verbatim applicable to the College of thought which RGI is all about. My Father Lt. Shri Gyanchandji H. Raisoni was a visionary and an inspiration. He aspired for a group of institutions impeccable, excellent and powerful in the context of the Indian society. It is his dream which has been accomplished in the form of The Raisoni Group of Institutions.

    Over the last few decades, the development of technology and innovation has aided us in refraining from the barriers. It has instilled life to creativity. Presently, the world economy is experiencing an unprecedented change. Our belief lies in our young students. We believe that the awareness imparted to them will continue to grow and sprawl. In order to pave their way, we have a team of highly qualified Educators, Lecturers and Professors. We have the best of infrastructure and a dedicated placement cell. We have established a benchmark for ourselves. Undoubtedly, we are the most preferred institute for students in Central India. We are proud to have developed diverse, creative and team-oriented professionals in the past and will continue to pursue the same in future. The vision of RGI is to provide affordable, relevant, industry-oriented and world-class professional education to all. RGI wishes you to grow and continue on your successful endeavors. I am optimistic that RGI will sustain to be the blistering flame of knowledge and opportunities with the assiduous team we have.

    Shri. Sunil Raisoni
    Shri. Sunil Raisoni
  • Principal’s Message

    GHRLAW, Nagpur

    The G H Raisoni College of Law at Nagpur has an incredibly bright future. The College, which was established in 2004, is a place where people pursue their dreams.We aim to give all our students a firm conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of the Indian legal system. We want our students to graduate possessing an unshakable grasp of the law. Our teaching methodology is a reflection of this aim. For all of our students this is the home they need to think deeply about new ideas and to grow their roots as jurists.

    The College offers a unique and enlightened approach to legal education by encouraging initiative and innovation that unlocks students’ creative potential. We commit to understanding and solving the problems of today and tomorrow, serving our community and engaging with our alumni, retirees and partners around the world/globe/India. Ultimately, what unites people connected to the GHRLC is that they make a positive contribution to society – locally and nationally. This is true of our friends, alumni, faculty, and students.

    Moreover, our diverse curriculum, leading specializations, and nationally recognized faculty provide exceptional opportunities in all facets of legal education. The Faculty at GHRLC boasts a collegial atmosphere that makes it easy to get to know not only your fellow students, but also your professors, resulting in a fulfilling personal and academic experience.

    A well-qualified teaching faculty besides friendly academic environment awaits you and I assure you a smooth sailing during your stay at G H Raisoni Law College.

    Wishing you all the best !!!
    GHRLAW, Nagpur

    Jayant Aparajit
    Principal, GHRLAW College
  • Do’s and Don’t

    GHRLAW, Nagpur

    G H Raisoni Law College, Nagpur has been established in the year 2004with a specific objective i.e, for all-round development of the students and to enhance their knowledge and to provide quality legal education to the common masses. This Institution is creating a healthy and egalitarian atmosphere for the development of the students. It is very popular for research, teaching and learning. It also provides a better social service, academic freedom, free and open exchange of ideas, and accepting opinions of all the faculties to fulfill the mission for which this institution is established.

    • Every student must fully adhere to the concerns, vision and mission of the G H Raisoni Law College.
    • Studies should be taken as sacred duty by every student. In addition to that active participation in extracurricular activities and academic activities is expected from the students.
    • We are giving priority to the security and cleanliness of the building, corridor, Library, Computer Lab, Sports room and canteen of the college should be maintained by the students.
    • Polite and good behavior is expected from every students with his/ her classmates, teaches and other staff members. Any kind of vulgarity, undisciplined behavior and nuisance will not be tolerated.
    • Humble and disciplined behavior should be maintained with the teachers while discussing about difficulties
    • The students will have to avoid the route of agitation, violence and terror in solving the Problem.
    • Every student shall aim at enhancing the prestige, name and fame of the college and Will not be allowed to do anything what will spoil the prestige of the Institution.
    • The Director of the GHRLC is authorized to take the disciplinary action against the students indulging in misconduct.
    • Carrying of Mobile phones is strictly prohibited in college campus.
    • Students must be ready to co-operate with the system.
    • This institution expects cooperation from the students, failing of which will make them responsible to face the consequences.
    • Attendance of three Mentor-Mentee meetings is mandatory.

    Student Related Policy

    Discipline Factor of GHRLC:

    1. GH Raisoni Law College is very popular for discipline. Students are required to maintain decorum while attending the classes and even in the premises.
    2. Students are liable to be dismissed or suspended at the discretion of the Director GHRLC and management, if any of the norms will be violated.
    3. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the premises of GHRLC.
    4. Ragging is discouraged and strictly prohibited
    5. Students are not allowed to engage:-
    • To engage in behaviors or make remarks that could reasonably be interpreted as threatening;
    • To attempt to divert the class in support of any personal, political, religious, or social agenda; or
    • To attempt to use one class or an online forum as a forum to complain about another class or defame the staff.
    • GHRLC conducts regular classes. Students are directed to attend the classes regularly. We are the strong followers of the rules of BCI Therefore 75% attendance is compulsory for all the students. Relaxation can be given only with the permission of Director GHRLC.
    • Smoking and use of liquors and tobacco related things for the students in the premises is not allowed and action can be taken if students will not follow the above direction.
    • There shall be fine for not attending the college or classes in every semester

    Dress Code is compulsory for the Students:

    In order top bring in an austere atmosphere in the college, student are directed to use the prescribed uniform. Students shall have a set of uniform and is to be worn on Monday to Saturday. For boys dress code is White Shirt with Plain Light Gray Pant, Plain White shirt gray and white striped tie, Navy-blue blazer, white shocks and black shoes. The Dress Code for girls is White Salwar, Plain light grey Kurta and white Chunni along with it white shocks black shoes. (Girls May opt for Trousers and Shirt) with Navy-blue blazer. Violating dress code shall attract disciplinary actions and applicable penalty from the concerned authorities.

    College Timings:

    College timing is 7.00 AM to 1.00 P.M and on Saturday it is 7.00 A.M TO 11 A.M. N.B: “7.a.m to 1 p.m. (For teaching). 8.a.m to 4 p.m.(Non teaching) (Timings may be changed as per the directions of Concerned Authorities).

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