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Principal's Desk

Jayant Aparajit
G H Raisoni Law School

The G H Raisoni School of Law at Nagpur has an incredibly bright future. The School, which was established in 2004, is a place where people pursue their dreams.We aim to give all our students a firm conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of the Indian legal system. We want our students to graduate possessing an unshakable grasp of the law. Our teaching methodology is a reflection of this aim. For all of our students this is the home they need to think deeply about new ideas and to grow their roots as jurists.

The School offers a unique and enlightened approach to legal education by encouraging initiative and innovation that unlocks students’ creative potential. We commit to understanding and solving the problems of today and tomorrow, serving our community and engaging with our alumni, retirees and partners around the world/globe/India. Ultimately, what unites people connected to the GHRLS is that they make a positive contribution to society – locally and nationally. This is true of our friends, alumni, faculty, and students.

Moreover, our diverse curriculum, leading specializations, and nationally recognized faculty provide exceptional opportunities in all facets of legal education. The Faculty at GHRLS boasts a collegial atmosphere that makes it easy to get to know not only your fellow students, but also your professors, resulting in a fulfilling personal and academic experience.

A well-qualified teaching faculty besides friendly academic environment awaits you and I assure you a smooth sailing during your stay at G H Raisoni Law School.

Wishing you all the best !!!