Admission Enquiry 2019-20
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    Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai Wins at “Kshan” Raisoni Law School’s, Nagpur National Law Fest

    A three day National Law Fest was held at G H Raisoni Law School, Nagpur from 15th March to 17th March - 2019. 18 teams, each team consisting of three students participated in this competition. In all more than 120 students were a part of the Law Fest. More than 6 National Law Universities, Symbiosis Law School Pune, Noida and Hyderabad and many other renowned colleges from all over the country were participants in the competition. The case for the competition was based on section 302 of the Indian Penal Code i.e. Murder. The final round of the competition was between Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar and Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai. Hon’ble Shri Justice A. S. Chandurkar, Hon’ble Shri Justice R. C. Chavhan (Retd.) and Hon’ble Smt. Justice Vasanti Naik (Retd.) were the judges for the final round and also graced the Valedictory Function. The complete Law Fest was held under the guidance and support of Mr. Sunil Raisoni, Chairman (RGI), Dr. Jayant Aparajit, Director (GHRLS), many respectful Lawyers from the Nagpur High Court who sponsored the event and various prizes as well. Dr. Sona Kumar, Dr. Anita Sable, Dr. Dilip Merkap and Prof. Hira Binekar were the teachers who dedicated their time for the successful organisation of the National Event. The Moot Court Association formed with the President Akash Pannalal Shahu, Treasurer Vishal Singh Rajput, Vice President Priyal Rahangdale Secretary Parul Mahalle played their roles as the committee members appreciably. Along with the Moot Court Competition, Quiz Competition and Personality Contest was also organised. The final round was won by the students of Pravin Gandhi College of Law who argued wonderfully and won the Prize money of Rs. 21,000/- sponsored by Dewani Associates, Nagpur. The Gujarat National Law University finished the competition as the Runners up and was awarded Rs. 15,000/- which was sponsored by Adv. Atul Pande. The judges appreciated the manner of argument and the skills of arguing of the students. Finally the law fest ended with the formal vote of thanks by the President, Akash Pannalal Shahu.

    7 Days special camp at Khapri, organized by the NSS Unit of G H Raisoni Law School, Nagpur.

    The NSS unit of G. H. Raisoni Law School, Nagpur organized 7 days special camp at Khapri from 23 Jan to 29 Jan, 2019. This camp was started with much enthusiasm and justified the motto “Not me but You “ and to do something positive so the life of the villagers of the adopted villages might be raised to be higher material and moral level. The aim of this camp was to educate the people and empower them. NSS unit of G. H. Raisoni Law school completed this hectic assignment with the supervision of Dr. Dillipkumar Merkap, Programme Officer, NSS Unit, G. H. Raisoni Law School, Nagpur and Dr. J.L. Aparajit, Director, G. H. Raisoni Law School, Nagpur. 65 volunteers of the NSS Unit G. H. Raisoni Law School, Nagpur actively participated and have worked day in and day out to make this hectic assignment a grand success. The contribution of Mr. Jagdish Rode (Sr. Clerk) and Mr. Pramod Sahare (Office Assistant) cannot be denied. NSS Unit conveys special thanks to the Director of GHRLS, volunteers, teaching and non teaching staff and other who have extended their support to make this event a grand success. Along with it, this unit conveys special thanks to Honorable, Chairman, RGI to provide unconditional support to make this event fruitful.

    This camp was inaugurated by Dr. Ashok Pawade, Dean, Faculty of Law, G. H. Raisoni University, Saikheda, M.P., Mr. Ajay Rajput Director of waste Management, Mumbai and Mr. Sanjay Joglekar a well known social activist. All the invited guests welcomed by Dr. J.L. Aparajit through floral bouquet.

    In this camp different types of activities were organized by the NSS family of G. H. Raisoni Law School, Nagpur. Amongst the activities, Landmark activities were :- Free Legal aid by the renowned Lawyers who were invited from different places of Nagpur. Tree plantation programme to promote greenery in the adopted villages was also organized. A very influential programme “Swach Bharat and Swasth Bharat” Abhiyan was also organized. NSS volunteers were visited Anandvan Ashram, Warora and interacted with the family members of Anandvan. The NSS Unit of G. H. Raisoni Law School, Nagpur for the first time organized a programme to know the basic toilet facilities and encouraged the villagers to use toilet and avoids the habit of open defecation. Along with it, different awareness camp was also organized by the NSS unit of GHRLS, Nagpur during the seven days camp.

    The camp organized by the NSS Unit G. H. Raisoni Law School, Nagpur was appreciated by our honourable chairman Mr. Sunilji Raisoni, Dean Faculty of Law G.H. Raisoni University, Dr. Ashok Pawade, Director of G.H. Raisoni Law School, Dr. J.L. Aparajit, Block Education officer Nagpur Mr. K. Jadhav and BDO of Hingna Tehsil Mr. S. Chavhan and Sarapanch of Khapri Gram Panchayat, Khapri.

    Last but not least to make thes event a grand success Programme Officer of NSS Unit GHRLS Dr. Dillipkumar Merkap, Director of GHRLS Dr. J.L. Aparajit, all the teaching and non teaching staff and all the volunteers of NSS unit of GHRLS contributed a lot to make this hectic assignment a grand success.

    The Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the G H Raisoni University, Chhindwara had Conducted an Interactive Session

    The Honourable Vice Chancellor of the G H Raisoni University, Chhindwara had conducted an interactive session on Sunday 10.02.19 at 10.00am in the Viveknand Hall, Shraddha House, Nagpur with the LLM students. The Honourable Vice Chancellor high lighted the purpose, the object, the scope and the manner in which the LLM by Research is to be carried out. It was his contention that certain innovative ideas must be taken for the purpose of group discussion. The Honourable Vice Chancellor had laid down the parameters for evaluation of the students. His entire insistence was this that the students have to learn by themselves and the teachers shall be only the guiding spirit. The basic skeleton of the subject is to be stated by the teacher and the flesh and bones of the skeleton are to be filled by the students by their efforts and hard work.

    He has further stated that the new topics are to be taken into consideration from both the sides that is teacher and students. Group discussion, debate and deliberations is to be organised and on the basis of that evaluation is to be done. The following teachers were present along with the students.
    (1) Dr. Jameel
    (2) Dr. Sona Kumar
    (3) Dr. Swati Joshi
    (4) Prof. Sandeep Sumbhate.

  • Atheletics / Sports

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    “Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life.”- Billie Jean King

    Inevitably Sports and Games make an indispensable part of the curriculum of oureducational institutes. They are the carrier of a healthy mind, a healthy body and a free soul. They aid in the development of social skills. They reduce stress. They make sure that co-operation and coordination becomes the part and parcel of the lives of the student.

    The attributes we eye on

    • An environment which motivates students
    • An optimism which never ceases to enlighten their lives
    • The team work which nurtures them on every track
    • The sportsman spirit which once ingested never leaves them

    As the pioneer instituteproviding holistic education, we have the best sports facility with us to take care of all of the above.

    Our sports facilities

    Here are some key pointers describing them well:-

    • Outdoor games- Outdoor games like badminton, football, basketball, and cricket have specifications with respect to the field needs. We have it all on our campus. We make sure to provide with amenities which are best in the class to provide the students with unsurpassed playing experience right here in our fields.
    • Indoor games- Finest of the indoor games facilities lie with our institute. We have table tennis, chess, and carom as the part of the indoor sports activities for our students.The students can spend theirtime in engaging in the sports arena of our indoor games with ease.
    • Sports in charge - We do comprehend the need of sports in charge in every sport. Thus, we haveappointed the teachers for both indoor and outdoor game to guide the aspiring sports person well. They are excellent in their field. They have complete knowledge about the rules and regulations. We do have a sports coordinator in each class to encourage the students.
    • Competitions -In order to inculcate a sportsman spirit in the students, time and again sports competition are held in the college. There are held the inter class competitions. And, there are also organized the Intercollegiate sports meet. This inspires the students, enables them knowledge about the level of competition and prepares them for future endeavors.
    • First aid box - Complete care is taken at the college premises to keep it safe for the students playing sports. However, if during some sports event or regular games a student gets hurt the sports facility has the first aid box to aid them with medical assistance.
    • Sports dignitaries- The best sportsperson in the various sports, the sports personality, those that have made the nation proud with their milestone achievements are a treasure to the society. In order to inculcate the students with supreme aims, they are invited by our institute to give lectures about the games.

    Fitness of body, mind and soul is the vision we have for our students at our institute.

    Play well! Live well! Stay healthy!
  • Library

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    The word library is enough to picture you a nicely lit room, well ventilated, well-structured books, journals and magazines. The library at GHRLS is every bit that and more to it. The fact that it is continuously updated with the latest information in the form of study material, books and reference books pursues the needful.

    It is an integral part of an educational institution and we have the best in the education arena. We have it organized in the most impeccable manner so as to avail complete nurturing of knowledge to our students. It is the finest learner-centred amenity for our students to cater to with ease.

    The aspiring entrepreneurs, the students who want to make their career in IT firms or those with a knack for management need to simply reach out to the library and imbibe the power called ‘knowledge’.

    “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library”- Albert Einstein.

    And, we have it for our students and faculty right here on the campus of GHRLS.

    Our library is embellished with some of the most salient features for you to take advantage of:-

    • Explore length and breadth of the room- Indeed, with a spacious library like ours; you have immense to look forward to with the facilities. Hence, the first aspect we took care of was to put as many books, learning the material and reading information in the library. Along with it, we have made it really spacious for our students of computer science, management, computer application and administration. So, you can with ease, explore the length and breadth of the room to avail knowledge and education.
    • Learning material sees no boundary- We comprehend your need to study from reference books along with your course books. We understand that you need journals, the books from a variety of authors and the international papers. We have it all with us right here at the library for you to take advantage of.
    • Question banks and solutions- Even when you are prepared verbatim with the notes and books; there is always the need of online question banks and solutions. A pattern of the question paper and a format for an answer is the key to the best-written answer sheets. Undoubtedly, you are well aware of this and so are we.
    • Comfortable furniture- Chairs, tables, lamps we take care of each one of it so that our students are comfortable in the heaven of books. The best quality furniture assures the needful.
    • Silence- Silence is not just a part of the code of conduct; it is religiously followed in our institute library
    • Book bank facility- The needy, yet meritorious students can avail the Book Bank facility from the library to enrich knowledge and embody information. There are some definite norms for the same for which you can contact the librarian.

    The Code of Conduct

    The library is for you to explore every facet of knowledge, imbibe information and preserve the books. It thus becomes your responsibility to take care of books, journals and magazines issued to you. Let the flow of information continue. It is opened on the regular college days from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Lab

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    Computer lab

    ‘Computer themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn’-Steve Jobs

    Innovation and technology have become a part and parcel of the day to day life today. At GHRLS we make sure to provide you with amenities which are par excellence. Computer laboratory is a part of the same facility. Our state-of-the-art computer laboratory has a plethora of sections. And, each of it provides support to internet applications, design application and programming. Hence, you can be assured of being on the receiving end of knowledge with practical experience with us.

    Our attributes

    • Comprehensive assistance- Comprehensive assistance by the lab faculty and educators to assist you with any issues arising in the operation of equipment or software. They are well versed with their job and will be a helping hand as and when needed.
    • High Speed Internet- Our laboratory is coupled with high speed internet. You can be assured of seamless working with the same.
    • Latest Configuration- Our computers are associated with the latest configuration to aid you in better processing. This is not it. The software of the computer is upgraded from time to time. Thus, you will be able to take benefits of the latest with the laboratory.
    • Hands-on-Practical- We comprehend the need of hand-on-practical experience for our students. Hence, we have a good number of computers in our laboratory to suffice the need.

    Computer laboratory is for you to explore new depths of academic pursuits. Hence, utilize it with immense care. While technology never ceases to be the best friend, make sure you do not make it your enemy by misusing it. Do not let it be your worst nightmare.

  • Anti Ragging Committee

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    Ragging is strictly prohibited

    “Ragging” means the following:

    According to The Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1999, any act, conduct or practice by which dominant power of senior students, former students or outsiders, is brought to bear on students freshly enrolled or students who are in any way considered junior by other students and includes individual or collective acts or practices which:

    • Involve physical or psychological assault or threat or use of force or wrongful confinement or restraint; or
    • Violate the status, dignity and honor of such students; or
    • Expose students to ridicule and contempt and affect their self- esteem; or
    • Entail verbal abuse and aggression, indecent gesture and obscene behavior.

    Prohibition of Ragging:

    Ultimate objective of these regulatory measures will be to make this campus Ragging free and “Zero Tolerance for Ragging Campus”.

    • No person shall practices ragging in any form, within or outside the premises of the college.
    • Any person who contravenes the provision listed above shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 years or with find which may extend to fifty thousand rupees or with both.

    Circular over Ragging:

    This is to inform all the students, an ANTI- RAGGING squard / Monitoring Committee has been formed with the following members in the college to whom the complaints have to be lodged. All activities whoever directly commits, participants in, abets or propagates “RAGGING” within or outside the college premises is strictly prohibited and banned. If anyone found guilty they will be punished. Undertaking in this regard from the students will be received at the time of Admission. Punishment for this is Imprisonment for three years and fined up to Rs. 50,000/-or Dismissal from the College.


    S.No. Name Designation
    1 Dr. J. L. Aparajit Director
    2 Mrs. Aarti M. Kalnawat Assistant Professor
    3 Dr. Dillip kumar Merkep Assistant Professor
    4 Mrs. Shilpa Sharma Assistant Professor
    5 Dr.Mrs. Anita Sable Assistant Professor